Steve Wozniak isi dorea ca Apple sa fi lansat doua modele de iPhone 5


Steve Wozniak este cofondatorul companiei Apple si asa va ramane pana cand va muri desi acesta nu mai lucreaza in cadrul companiei.

Parerea acestui inginer IT conteaza pentru presa si clientii Apple? Cel mai probabil ca da si aceasta deoarece Steve se afla nu doar in calitate de cunoscator al produselor Apple ci si in calitate de client. El detine foarte multe produse Apple si ne putem de seama ca expertiza sa, cand vine vorba de hardware, este nepretuita. De aceea din interviul luat de TechCenter lui Steve Wozniak aflam ca Apple ar fi trebuit sa procedeze diferit cu iPhone 5. Si-ar fi dorit mai mult decat un iPhone 4S mai lung si de ce nu doua modele de iPhone 5 care sa satisfaca dorintele clientilor. Apple insa, in aroganta sa, nu a luat in considerare o asemenea miscare si a pastrat clasicul model pe care doar l-a imbunatatit.

Part of me wishes that Apple had not been so kind of arrogant and feeling we’re the only one with the right clue. I wish they had made a small and a large version of the iPhone; that would have been great for me. Keep the aspect ratio the same, horizontal and vertical the same, but just grow it in the other way.

I think Apple tricked itself and said ‘oh you could reach everything with one thumb’ and I don’t see anybody having any trouble using the larger screens. Apple said that as a defensive move because when the other phones came out they all had larger screens. Apple is now trying to run with that defence, saying ‘we are right’ and really there’s a mix of people. Not all people want the same thing and a lot of people really like the big screens.

Faptul ca iPhone 5 nu este decat un iPhone 4S mai mare nu a trecut neobservat de catre presa si au aparut astfel filme pe youtube care ironizeaza ultimul iPhone lansat de Apple.


Cu toate acestea Steve lauda tableta iPad care in opinia sa este pozitionata la un pret corect pentru ceea ce ofera. Ecranul de 9.7″ ofera multa vizibilitate pentru utilizator si este extrem de bine pozitionat in mana.

Here’s where it bothers me. I walk into my phone stores: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and I see all these modern smartphones. Big, big, big, big, and there’s the iPhone. If you compare the screen size right there in front of you, whether it means much or not, it may be fewer pixels, less information on the screen, but you get a feeling you’re getting more with a larger screen.

And that talk doesn’t apply to the iPad though. The iPad always had a great price for the size of the screen. Why would you want to buy the smaller screen devices? They looked a lot more like copies than any of the phones did.