Exclusive Interview with Miriam Quevedo at Elysée

Recently Miriam Quevedo launched its Black Baccara collection in Bucharest, at Elysée Gallery.

Elysée is renowned in Bucharest for the exclusive brands of beauty and the exquisite selection of scents. So and as I received an invitation to the Exclusive VIP Event | Miriam Quevedo I dared not to miss this opportunity. Held in the center of the capital, the VIP Event presented the brand in the presence of its founder Miriam Quevedo. It was an interesting evening, with a mix that turned Elysée Gallery in an art exhibition and the host of the launch that featured Miriam Quevedo as a special guest, but also the latest number of ELYSÉE MAGAZINE .

The following morning I was glad to catch Miriam Quevedo, the founder of this brand, just before her flight and Mike managed to find out more about her story in a short and exclusive interview:

How did Miriam Quevedo began its journey in the beauty world?

A long time ago, when I was a child I spent all my summers in the herbal apothecary with my family and here I discovered my passion for tinctures with natural flowers and medicinal plants… A lot of combinations with this kind of raw materials, plants from the Mediteranean area, from Spain.

What was the first collection created? Tell us more about the ingredients, texture, action.

This first collection that we launched on the market in 2005 was a really beloved skincare collection. A collection with rejuvenating treatment for which we used the most exclusive and precious ingredients that we found in nature with biotechnology.

What is the essential product for any woman, or better yet, your personal must have product?

It depends on the season. Here in Romania one of my must have products is the Precious Cream from Glacial White Caviar line because it takes care of the skin while passing from different temperatures.
And for the hair care my favorite is Extreme Caviar Restructuring Luxe Serum, the essential product that protects and regenerates the hair. Here in Romania indoor it’s very warm and outside is very cold now…. As these different temperatures are factors that age the skin and the hair you have to be careful to use products that are efficient and protect you in the best way.

What is that one key factor that influences our beauty?

The beauty of each person depends on the lifestyle of each person. Beauty depends on the lifestyle and on the way we take care of our skin, of our hair. It is not only related to age.

Maybe there are young people but they have very damaged hair as they processed it too much… Or about the skin, they may have taken in a lot of sun, hey did not take care of their skin and thus they look older than others. The lifestyle and the fact that they did not take care of their health reflect in their overall beauty.

What is special about the range for haircare? And why did you choose “Extreme” Caviar?
We are very proud of our haircare range as it is the first collection that treats the hair and the scalp with the same technology that we use on the skin. And it is unique as it is made with precious ingredients. It contains a very exclusive cosmetic ingredient like caviar or thermal water. A water that has minerals encapsulated. And of course there is the technology, we work with moleculear ways and encapsulations that work deep on the scalp and also in the fiber.

Why did we choose the name Extreme Caviar? It s not about extreme products. I was looking for the base concept, the basic product, nutritive for colored, treated hair. It was a very unique combination, we used the purest active ingredients to help repair the hair in a short time but also on the long term. And then we chose the name Caviar because it contains caviar …

What is the most rare ingredient used in a product Miriam Quevedo?
We are delighted that we used black baccara concentrate in the collection Black Baccara, we use the active molecules extracted from the black rose that is very unique and very expensive. Its color is deep red, this kind of color contains a very powerful antioxidant combination and it is like a concentrate of antioxidants and it is unique because it comes only from one area in France.
For instance we work with White Caviar Oil that is also truly unique.

With such a wide beauty industry are you tempted to steer the brand in a different direction than cosmetic and haircare?
For now we want to mantain our cosmetic balance in a very strong point. We develop cosmetics and we have very high quality. Focusing on what we love, we are very proud to see there is a lot of interest and media, and a lot of coverage for our products. We transcend the modern skincare standards with collections for the modern lifestyle. We want to mantain this status right now.

Where are the products available?
We are available in the most prestigious areas. For instance here in Romania we are in the Elysee but you can find us in the United States we are in Space NK, in Bloomingdale’s, in Harvey Nichols; and also for instance in Russia, in Moscow in GUM Department Store also in a prestigious place like Mandarin Oriental.
In Miami Mandarin Oriental we are with lavish rituals for the skin and for the hair care. Also in Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona.